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Terms and conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to read The Paper Story’s terms and conditions. By using The Paper Story web site, you agree to the terms.



All prices are given in Swedish krona (SEK).



Payment is made by bank, credit or debit card. Note that the name and address of the receiver of the goods must be identical to the name and address of the card/account holder. The Paper Story is not able to send an invoice. Our web site has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to ensure that your payment is made securely.


Delivery information

We apply a fixed price on all orders within Sweden of 53 SEK up to 1 kg. If the order exceeds 1 kg, shipping is 89 SEK. The shipping cost will be added to each order and is not included. To be able to send the order, the name, address and E-mail address of the receiver is required. Packages are to be collected from PostNord’s agents. You will receive a confirmation by E-mail when the package is sent, and when the package can be collected you will receive a notification by text message or by mail. Delivery will be one weekday after the package has been sent. If the package appears damaged upon delivery, we ask you to take a picture of the package before it is opened and report it directly to the PostNord agent. If it should turn out that the product inside has become subjected to transport damage, then we ask you to take a picture of this and inform us at info@thepaperstory.com.


Data protection

The Paper Story guarantees according to the Swedish Data Protection Act (Personuppgiftslagen PUL) that your personal details will not be given to a third party.



Since every order has a unique design there is no right to withdrawal for your purchase from The Paper Story after your order is placed. Depending on how far we are in production, it may of course be possible to cancel the order. However, The Paper Story claims the right to charge a compensation fee for any work that has been done. The remainder of the order amount is normaly repaid to the customer within 1-5 bank days, at the latest within 30 days, after we have received and approved the cancellation.


Consumer complaints

You have the right to lodge a consumer complaint if a product is deemed to be defective. Contact info@thepaperstory.com and include clear pictures showing how the product is defective. If a product has the wrong text, but this text has been approved during proof-reading, a customer complaint will not be recompensed. A new order will have to be placed.


Unclaimed packages

If a package is not claimed and it is returned to us, the buyer will be charged for the return.


Colours and images

The Paper Story always strives to render colours and texts on our products as exactly as possible. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee that there will be no difference from what is shown in the web shop. For example, colours may be reproduced differently depending on what settings are in effect on computers and computer screens.


Incorrect information

The Paper Story claims the right to adjust incorrect information regarding the product, price and delivery times. We claim the right to change price and delivery time even after completed purchase and after an order confirmation has been sent, in the case of misprints. If this occurs, you will be informed, and you will then have full rights to cancel the order. We claim the right to cancel orders that are not in agreement with our principles.


Force Majeure

The Paper Story claims the right to call into effect Force Majeure in such situations where this is applicable.


Minimum age

Everybody below 18 years of age must have the permission of a parent or guardian to place an order from us. All attempts at fraud will be reported to the police. The Paper Story claims the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.



The Paper Story owns the trademark and copyright for all images and texts on The Paper Story’s web site. The Paper Story owns the immaterial, economical and virtual rights for all content of the web site. None of the contents may be copied, transferred or reproduced for commercial purposes without the written permission of The Paper Story.